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Are Your Pets Part Of Your Family - Our household consists of two sons with furry coats and four legs each.

Can You Make Your Dog Sick With The Wrong Kind Of Attention - When dogs become sick, how we treat them can make the difference to how well-adjusted they are when they recover.

Great White Shark Attack In Australia - Man escaped from jaws of a Great White Shark in Sidney.

Great Gifts For Cat Lovers - There are a lot of great gifts that you can give to cat lovers, although photo frames are among the most popular.

How to trim your cats nails - Step by step guide to trimming your cat's nails.

Kuranda Dog Beds the Answer to the Chewing Dog Owners Prayers - Did Chomper get the best of his bed again? Have you heard about Kuranda Dog Beds; they offer several solutions for dog owners of chew-happy doggies.

Leash Training Your Dog - Training your dog to not pull on the leash.

African Elephant - Not long ago there were over five million elephants on the earth, but there exists now less than a half million.

Choosing a Dog - Choosing a dog can be an easy process when you know what breed of dog you would like to have.

Can We Keep Her - We know as parents that we will at least sometimes regret the answer, but usually we say, "Yes.

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