Capprichio - Rare Black Stallion

Born in 1992. Imported in 1999 to the USA from Spain. He has never been injured. His coat, very long mane and long full tail are the rare color, black. He is not registered. He is 15.1 hh.

Training: All of the Grand Prix Movements, except the tempi changes. Currently he has 3 and 4 tempi changes. He can do double canter pirouettes, he bows, lays down, sits, Spanish walks and rears under saddle on command. In addition to working in sidesaddle and Garocha, he has started some work in long lines. Capprichio has a lot of experience in Exhibitions. He has performed at the following venues:

- "Night of the Horse”, Del Mar, Ca - "Best of Mexico", Fort Worth Stockyards - "Royal Orchestra" in Kansas City - " Mane Event", Equitana USA, Kentucky - "Evening of the Black and White", USDF Convention at Paxton Farm, Ohio - Region 9 Championships "Evening Dinner Performance" - Dressage shows in Region 9 - Three time performer at the Andalusian Nationals, "Evening Performance " in Fort Worth

Capprichio has the unique talent of being not only successful in the exhibition world, but he is also successful in Open Competition against Warm bloods. He has an outstanding extended trot that is rare to see in this breed. He has successfully competed in Wellington, Florida and in Los Angeles, California. He consistently scores in the high 60's and low 70's at 4th level. He was the "High Point Winner" at the "Upper Levels" at the

"Festival of the Horse" at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. He placed 10th in the Nation at 4th level in the Open division in the USDF Horse of the year awards. He was first place in the Andalusian division. Capprichio is very well known and respected in the Andalusian world because of his unique talent for both exhibitions and competition.