Upcoming Events

August will be spent in Agoura, California.

Sabine will be taking the following horses:

  • Ids PM, owned by Proud Meadows Farm
  • Simon, owned by Juliet and Erik Chaves
  • Hannibal, owned by Cynthia and Phil Neilson
  • Sterling, owned by Krickett Hancock

Competing at the following shows:

  • Mission Pacific, August 14-15
  • Cool August Nights, Burbank, August 26-29

Other competition dates:

Dallas Dressage Club , Irving, Texas, September 18-19

Dressage at Devon , Devon Pennsylvania, September 30-October 3

Sabine and her black Andulasian stallion, Capprichio will be featured in the exhibition. Sabine’s friend from Germany, professional dancer, Ana Ayromlou will be appearing with Sabine and Capprichio in a performance choreographed by Sabine and Ana.

Southwest Dressage Championships , Houston, Texas, October 8-10

Sabine has qualified the following Friesians:

  • Tinus PM, Grand Prix
  • Ids, PM, Fourth Level
  • Hannibal, Training Level

Friesian Extravaganza , Utah, October 14-17

Sabine will present the FPS approved breeding stallion, “Anne 340” owned by Lorraine and James Paradinovich and “Sam”, owned by Annette Coester of Royal Carousel Friesians .

International Horse Show, Washington , DC, October 29-31

Bana Conversano-Desche, the Lippizzan stallion, owned by Sabine will be ridden under sidesaddle.

Ids, the Friesian stallion, owned by Proud Meadows Farm will be performing dressage and a pas de deux with Bryan O’ Conner  

Early in 2005:

Fort Worth Stock Yards, Fort Worth, Texas, January 16-17 for the “The Best of Mexico” byJerry Diaz, featuring Ids, the Friesian stallion owned by Proud Meadows Farm  

Exhibition in Denver at the Event Center in Colorado, January 19-20, featuring Ids in the show “Dancing Horses”  

Sabine will compete in the Spring of 2005 in Florida.