Guest Book

"I have so much faith in Sabine's talent and skill as a horsewoman that I felt totally comfortable asking her to find a new horse for me. My belief in her ability is so great that I got the horse she picked out without ever going to see or ride him---and he is even more than I had hoped for!"
Jane Savoie

"Outfoxed Farm in Chester, New York, always regards Sabine as a trusted clinician. She has a special talent for looking at a rider/horse combination no matter what the level, and making them better aware of the quality in which they communicate with one another. All of our scores have improved since she has been coming to our farm. We really trust her opinion."
Carol Seaman, Dressage Trainer
Farm owner, Outfoxed Farm

"My lessons with Sabine have helped me keep my 19 year old Polish Arab physically fit. Her focus on the fundamentals of dressage helped me understand the meaning of dressage and that when done correctly, the positive impact it has on the horse's health and well being."
Tracy Hayes, Adult Amateur

"Paces, freedom and regularity, all are fantastic! His poll is very correct at the highest point and good self carriage. Why didn't you try for the Pan American team? You would have been the best with today's ride- A great joy to watch, you have made my year!"
Gretchen Verbonic "S" Judge,
Shiron Farms Show 2, June 2003
Horse: Tinus PM, Test: PSG

"In addition to a successful sporting career, Sabine Schut has also been able to create a special synthesis, a combination of her knowledge regarding the training of horses according to the rules of classical equestrianism with music and choreography. There are very few talents in the world capable of arousing enthusiasm amongst the public at such a professional level with expressive dramaturgy in show presentations."
Wolf Kroeber, creator, producer, and director, "Equitana", Germany 1997

The house lights dim, the music starts, and the audience enthusiastically welcome the performing pair to center stage. The featured act is the ballet between horse and rider as they move as one to the rhythm of the music playing. It is grace personified; it will be proven to be classical dressage. It was and is what makes Sabine Schut-Kery one of the most unique horsewomen today.  

Those aspiring to become professionals in the world of dressage know that the developmental path to success comes from years of show experience and riding before the judges. Touring as a featured act in Europe’s finest equine theater, Sabine Schut-Kery’s earliest judges were her audiences.  

Prior to coming to the United States in 1998, German native Sabine Schut-Kery dedicated years to correctly training her horses for exhibition and competition. Always resisting the allure of simply riding to please the crowd, her training approach reflects the traditional German methods she acquired during the three year apprenticeship that helped her earn the prestigious, “Bereiter” at the Federation National in Warendorf.  

Dedicated to the discipline of Dressage, Sabine not only trains her horses accurately, she believes that variety is a critical element to overall success. Most of the horses she trains learn to bow, sit and Spanish walk. They are driven, ridden on trails and taken to shows.  

Sabine’s commitment to her own on-going training with her long time German coaches, coupled with the years of experience training, showing and competiting baroque breeds, Sabine unabashedly became the first to present a Friesian exhibition horse in an open dressage competition.  

While head trainer at Proud Meadows Friesian breeding farm, Sabine rode the first of several stallions to receive USDF Horse of the Year, first in 1999 at Second level and then two Friesians garnered the honors in 2000, Tinus at Third Level and Jorrit at Prix St. George. In 2001, Jorrit was sixth place in the race for USDF Horse of the Year in Grand Prix Freestyle and Tinus won Horse of the Year at both Fourth Level and Prix St. George.  

Sabine Schut-Kery, as a rider, trainer, entertainer and competitor embodies the quest for perfection of the dressage masters and yet possesses an open-mindedness that brings freshness, beauty and precision to the world of dressage.