Kuranda Dog Beds the Answer to the Chewing Dog Owners Prayers

Got a precious doggie who loves to gnaw on his bed to the point of no recognition -- and then look at you with these big eyes asking "where do I sleep now?" Kuranda USA offers a patented solution for your rambunctious pooch! The Kuranda dog bed sports a patented design featuring a protective poly resin or aluminum sleeve which is also the frame that the fabric slides into. This protective sleeve leaves no corner gaps or fabric exposed so there is nothing to chew.or so the dog owner thinks. There are times when a persistent chewer will work his way from the fabric, which is inaccessible, to the corners. There they will meet up with reinforced PVC corners that can stand up to some of the most persistent chewers but in the rare instance they don't a one year 'chew proof' guarantee comes standard with each bed.

Kuranda guarantees the structural integrity of the frames and any or all parts will be replaced including corners and legs even the 40 oz. Vinyl and Cordura fabrics are guaranteed for one full year. With three excellent choices in materials to choose from how does one decide? There are advantages to each fabric. First, the vinyl weave is likened to the fabric used in patio furniture; it is breathable and allows water to drip through it.

This feature alone allows it to stay cooler than the other two fabrics. However, there is always a catch, it is the least durable and is not recommended for jumping, chewing or rough housing dogs. Cordura is a tough nylon canvas that is similar to the fabric used for horse blankets and backpacks. Cordura fabric is twice as durable as the vinyl weave however, it is not porous so water will puddle on this bed and it does not breathe. Then we have the 40 oz. vinyl which is the most durable and highly recommended for the digger, scratcher, chewer in your life! This sturdy fabric is thick and smooth with a very easy to clean surface.

It like Cordura will not breathe and will puddle if rained on. So has Chomper met his match? Kuranda dog beds are cot style beds that lift your precious pet off the ground between six to nine inches depending on the size of the bed. Many people are perplexed about which frame to get aluminum or poly resin? The answer to that question depends on the dog.

The aluminum bed is the strongest and most durable especially for kennels, doggie day spas or veterinarian offices. The around the home dogs will be more than pleased on either the poly-resin or the aluminum beds. Kuranda also offers wooden framed dog beds which are nice looking and quite comfortable but are strongly not recommended for chewing dogs or for outdoor use.

Because Kuranda dog beds are cot style there is a space beneath the bed which helps keep his sleeping space sanitary. Oh that reminds me I haven't mentioned how to care and maintain the Kuranda dog bed. Convenience is the name of the came for care and maintenance simply hose it down, little soap and water for any persistent stains and the bed is back in action.

Kennels and Veterinarian offices swear by the convenience and durability of this extremely functional, durable and innovative pet bed. Rest assured this dog bed provides a comfortable destination for your dozing dog and helps him 'knock the habit' of chewing well, if only on his bed anyway!.

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