Would Fido Like to go on that Bike Ride with You

Bicycles provide a wonderful and freeing mode of transportation. The bicycle was first invented in Europe in the nineteenth century. Today it is the world's most popular vehicle.

Bicycles allowed for easy travel -- they are 3 times more energy efficient than walking, and 3-4 times as fast as walking. Bicycles and horse buggies were the two biggest modes of private transportation just before the automobile was invented. Bicycles are pragmatic, functional, and efficient. They are a big component of a healthy urban transportation system.

The bicycle is a simple and elegant machine, attracting kids of all ages and adults. Bicycling offers many health benefits, and it does not directly contribute to global warming or environmental pollution. It is a wonderful, freeing sport that brings health and joy to millions of people everywhere.

Have you wanted to travel with your dog during your bike rides but found the whole idea too overwhelming? There are several ways of enjoying your bike and your pet at the same time, but some are more safe than others. With large dogs, you could do a fast version of walking the dog -- you on your bicycle and your dog on a leash. Yes, this method gives both you and your dog exercise, but at what risk? You've increased the width that automobile drivers need to avoid, which may be fine on low speed, less travelled roads. But this is not advised on busier streets. Also your safety is now in your hands as well as the paws of your dog. Are you prepared for your dog quickly veering off track after a stray cat? What about your dog's safety? Be careful not to run your pet too long on a hard surface.

This can not only cause joint problems, but also bleeding of the paws. There is a lot at stake and a lot of uncertainties when you bike-jog with your pet. Even more risky would be to allow your dog to run ahead of your bicycle without a leash. Your safety is no longer in the paws of your pet, but there are leash laws in many parts of this country. You may believe your dog is very well trained, but there are so many things that could go wrong if you let your dog run loose.

For small to medium dogs, there is a much safer method of bicycling with your pet -- pet bicycle trailer. Actually, some pet bicycle trailers can accommodate pets up to 115 pounds. With one of these attached to the back of your bicycle, you can maintain your active lifestyle and get your pet out in the fresh air. Going to the park to give your pet a little fun and exercise? Why not get some exercise yourself on the trip there and back, without tiring them out along the way? You can put any small to medium pet in a pet bicycle trailer. Of course, it might take some getting used to and training, especially for the more high strung pets.

The Trek'R and the Burley Tail Wagon are both high quality trailers. There are precautions when using a pet bicycle trailer. When riding, your pet should always be secured with the safety leash adjusted to the correct length. Do not exceed the weight capacity of your pet bicycle trailer. Check the inflation of your bicycle and trailer tires before every ride. Check the connection of the trailer to your bicycle before your bicycle ride.

Riding with the pet bicycle trailer increases your braking distance and may affect your ability to control your bicycle. Practice in a safe area before riding with the trailer in high-traffic areas. Always wear a safety helmet when riding. Another way to enjoy your bike rides and your pets, too is a pet carrier that fits on your bicycle's handle bars.

This is only recommended for small pets up to maybe 15 pounds -- your specific pet bicycle carrier will specify the exact weight limit. With a pet bicycle carrier you can have your dog share in the fun of your bike ride. You can bike ride with your pet in front of you with a center-mounted bicycle pet carrier. You are closer to your pet and can better enjoy his company with a bicycle pet carrier, like the Pet Cruiser Sport Carrier and the Pet Cruiser Wicker Cruiser.

Here are some of the precautions when using a handlebar mounted pet carrier. Never leave your pet unattended or alone in the pet carrier. Never leave your animal confined or unattended in direct sunlight or anytime there is a risk of overheating. Be sure to secure your pet with the harness.

Do not speed while riding your bicycle with your pet on board. Wear an approved bicycle helmet. Do not ride when it is raining or when the roads are wet. Do not ride after dark. Check everything over before riding. Do not exceed the weight capacity limit specified by your bicycle carrier.

When installing safety straps, be sure they do not interfere with brake cables, brake levers, or gear control shifters of your bicycle.

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