Will All Jungle Parrots Become Extinct One Day

There are many different types of species of parrots and many of them live in the jungle, these are known as jungle parrots. Some particular species of jungle parrots include, Amazon parrots, African grey parrots and Quaker parrots and are commonly kept as household pets in today's modern society. There is however a concern that many parrots are being taken from their natural habitat and sold on the black market for vast sums of money to hungry customers in the Western world. The jungle parrot population in African jungles, especially in the Congo is dropping at an alarming rate and many species are on the brink of extinction. Something needs to be done to stop this from occurring. What Are Some Prevention Methods? Several countries are realizing this important fact and are actually doing things to prevent poachers and hunters from capturing jungle parrots and taking them out of their natural habitats.

There are organizations within certain governments who's sole task is to stop hunters and poachers from capturing native parrots. They have only been going on for a few years now but are already beginning to show results. Population numbers are rising among certain parrot species, however there are still many parrots being captured all around the world.

The sad thing is that only a certain percentage of parrots actually survive the trauma they are put through after being incarcerated for extended amounts of time. When these jungle parrots are sent overseas to be sold on the blackmarket, they are squeezed into a thin cylindrical tube about the width of a tennis ball and sent off for usually a two or three day journey before they are released. Most don't make it. What About Education? There is of course light at the end of the tunnel. Many reserves are being created that are tightly secured to stop poachers from getting in and capturing many of the jungle parrots that call these habitats home.

Because of these newly created reserves, the parrot numbers have begun to climb and are finally showing results. Breeding centers are also helping to increase parrot numbers by introducing new parrots in to the wild that have been bred in captivity. Probably the most important scheme taking place is the education of children in schools throughout Africa and South America. These schools are designed to teach children to care for the wildlife and to show them how important it is that parrots in the jungles are kept alive and in the wild. Our children will of course be the driving force in the next generation and if they have a sense of pride and respect for the wildlife, then we can say that all the jungle parrots have a fighting chance at a future.

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