The Life of a Male LongHaired Big Orange Tabby

He's nearly 7 years old now, born to the new millennium. His first year and a half may have been quite stressful. Before he found his home with me, he was one of many felines in a household, and for reasons which weren't apparent to his second owner, he was given up for adoption.

His name then was "General" and he was placed at an animal clinic. Sandy, his second owner, was on a mission to find "Bailey", her beautiful 13 year old Irish Cream coloured feline, a companion. Bailey had many companions during the years, most of them belonging to Sandy's children who stayed and left and came back and stayed and left again, each time in and out with their felines. Sandy's children were no longer returning and Bailey suddenly found himself alone. General was the most beautiful of the selection that day so Sandy asked to hold him.

He buried his head in the spot between her neck and shoulder and started purring. She brought him home and called him "Sam". Bailey was warm towards Sam but Sam did nothing but hiss. The clinic told Sandy she should keep them in separate rooms and slowly introduce them to each other for short periods of time until they both become accustomed to each other. She tried hard. A month went by, then two, but no progress was made.

She had to give Sam up. Enter third owner?what a beautiful feline and so loving. I called him Jaspurr and he will be with me until one of us dies. Jaspurr doesn't like his own kind.

During my first week of ownership, I noticed a severe swelling at his mouth. Bailey on the other hand, was suffering some sort of animalistic heathen unearthing of the flesh on his hind quarter. Odd that both Bailey and Jaspurr had been suffering. Jaspurr had to have surgery and his incisor removed?Bailey had to have stitches and rehabilitation.

Years have passed and so has Bailey. What I've learned about Jaspurr is that he will bite through metal screens to attack one of his own and that Home Hardware is the best place to have your screens replaced. He's attacked me twice for petting another cat. He was watching through the window. It was a hard lesson learned?twice. As soon as I walked in the door, he jumped at me like Kato on the Pink Panther, and ripped off my pants and bit my thigh.

My legs shook and I stumbled to the shower so that I could stop the profuse bleeding from getting all over the carpet. I sneak around now to see other felines and when I come home, I quickly disrobe. Funny, but he's been eying "Russell" the Pit bull next door.

I've told Russell to stop looking through our window because no good will come of it. Jaspurr is a good 15 lbs., and loves and trusts adults to no end. He's eaten Iams dry cat food all of his life and loves water; preferably running water - ideally waterfalls or table top fountains.

He likes to be washed with a face cloth and his teeth brushed, preferably with metal. He also likes to chew electrical cords. Tip: Place electrical cords in "under the hood engine wire hose" then spray them with bitter apple alcohol, specifically made for pets?.Jaspurr aka "baby boy"?"buddy"?"big boy"?"kitty".

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