The Burmese Cat Will Rule Your Household

The Burmese cat is yet another manmade American breed, developed by Dr. Joseph Thompson and others back in the 1930s. However, speculation claims that this breed has been around longer than many people believe. Naturally, there are also fables about the Burmese.

One such tale says that the Burmese were temple cats, and each cat had its own student monk, whose responsibility it was to cater to their cat's every whim. Other tales claim that long before the Siamese, the Burmese were the traditional pets of nobility and royalty. Burmese cats are definitely royalty when it comes to who's who in the family make-up. Their golden yellow eyes, which are large, expressive, and deep pools of innocence, are only one of the endearing qualities the Burmese uses to quickly hypnotize their owners into being willing subjects of their rule. With coats that have a satiny texture and are basically short, they require little, but are sure to make you want to pet them constantly. They also are amazingly heavy for their size, often being described as "bricks wrapped in silk.

" As kittens, Burmese cats seem rather clumsy whenever they attempt to do things that are beyond their capabilities, landing with solid little thumps on their rear ends. Playful well into adulthood, their intelligence emerges along with their very own personalities as they mature. Burmese cats, when encouraged, also will talk your head off with their soft, sweet voices.

Excellent with children as well as your pet dog, they even love to travel as long as you get them used to it from an early age. Burmese are yet another breed of cat that can be quite dog-like in their affection towards their owners. They will follow you all over the house; in, out, and throughout whatever you happen to be doing in order to grab some extra affection and a passing pat or two. They have even learned how to play fetch.

If you are the type of person who loves a cat that will set in your lap and snooze, wants to be constantly petted, and will cuddle up with you under the covers in bed, then you definitely want to own a Burmese. So remember, if you are looking for a beautiful four-legged companion to rule the roost at your house, the Burmese is just the ticket. They love to help manage the house and enjoy assisting with pleasurable pastimes as well.

Any time you want to read a book or the newspaper, your Burmese will happily sit on it for you, and while this may hold it down for you rather nicely, you may have a little difficulty seeing all of the words. Females love taking center stage and will maintain an active role in all that you do, while the males are more passive, preferring to supervise from a nice, warm lap.

For more specific information on Burmese Cats, click here Burmese Cats, for more cat breed care and information on all types of felines visit our main site The Feline Cart


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