The Akita National Monument of Japan

Akita Inu, also known simply as an Akita is the largest of the Spitz-type dogs that originated from Japan. With the trademark, curled tail that rests on its back, the Akita is known in Japan as a national monument. Small statues of this magnificent creature are sent to friends and family members who have fallen ill or are parents of newborns.

The Akita has always symbolized health and well being in the Japanese culture. Known to be an exceptionally diligent watch or patrol dog, the Akita has the qualities that reflect stubborn loyalty. Used as patrol dogs in police situations, Akita' would also obviously make great personal watchdogs. If trained properly and at an early age this particular breed is highly successful at maintaining a position of control and obedience. Just the qualities that improve the chances of an Akita being a great watchdog are the very personality traits that also make them difficult to train.

Patience is definitely the best virtue in the obedience training of a typical Akita. As they tend to bore easily, the mundane and repetitive business of obedience training is not exactly the strong point of an Akita pup. However, as the leader of the pack you must remain diligent with the training so as to ensure a well-behaved, loyal, and trustworthy adult Akita as a family member.

As a family member an Akita is a breed that will behave around children that are in its family. Japanese women were known to have left the Akita in charge of their children. However it has been noted on more than one occasion that an Akita will not take too kindly to an "alien" child, not of its family. Also an Akita does not like anyone or any animals near its food. These are not great qualities but that are easily managed by being aware of situations that can get out of hand quickly.

With a body size slightly longer than it is tall an Akita is not considered one of the larger breeds of dogs. Nor is it small, at a height of twenty six to twenty eight inches for a full-grown male Akita and twenty-four to twenty-six for a female the Akita is well proportioned. Typically a grown male will weigh any where from seventy-five to one hundred twenty pounds with the Akita's female counterparts starting at around seventy-five also with the maximum weight at one hundred ten pounds. With slightly webbed toes, a waterproof undercoat, and a gentle mouth Akita can be quite suitable for waterfowl retrieving.

In mentioning the undercoat it is not recommended to bathe an Akita until absolutely necessary so as to keep the protective oils of the undercoat intact. Spontaneity mixed with calm watchfulness makes an Akita the perfect pet. Akita's can happily be apartment dwellers with proper exercise, but prefers a large yard with lots of playtime. All in all the Akita is an excellent breed to include as a loyal and loving family member. If you are searching for an interesting dog breed that is saturated in history and full of love and loyalty, there is none more perfect than the Akita.

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