Some Ideas On House Training A Puppy

The joy of owning a puppy and seeing it grow up is among the most gratifying experiences that a dog lover could ask for. In getting to know each other, the two of you will find out a lot of things about the other that will form a bond for a lifetime. One thing that must be accomplished first if you are planning on having the puppy stay indoors for any amount of time is housebreaking, or house training. Puppies have the capability to learn this right away. This is why it is so important to establish the correct house training routine while the puppy is at a young age.

It is crucial to get the house training routine established correctly the first time, because it is hard to break a bad habit once it is ingrained. Watching the puppy during the initial house training phase is one of the most important things you can do. Keep a close eye on the puppy while at the same time observing the time. If it is a beautiful day outside, and your puppy is very active, taking him out more than once an hour is a good idea.

He has to drink more water than he would if he were an adult dog due to his metabolism being so fast. He has to eat a lot more often to feed this higher metabolism, also. With all of this food and water going in, it is easy to understand that he has to "go" more often.

You may want to try house training your puppy by using the paper method, which basically has the puppy using the bathroom on newspapers. Teaching your puppy to relieve himself indoors, then expecting him to make the transition to relieve himself outdoors will tend to confuse your young puppy. Actually, this technique will make it more difficult and take longer to house train your puppy. By teaching your puppy to "go" outside, he will learn that it is not acceptable to "go" in the house.

Also, the puppy could get in the habit of relieving itself near the newspaper rather than on the newspaper. It is vital that you keep the puppy on a regular schedule by having him "go" outside. Another system, known as the "crate" system, has been shown to have very good results. The puppy is kept in a crate for roughly an hour before he is taken outdoors to relieve himself. The crate system trains the puppy to "hold it" until he is given the chance to relieve himself in an area chosen by you.

Why this system works so well is based on the puppy doesn't want to relieve himself in its living area. If you keep the puppy in the crate too long, it could cause him to relieve himself in the crate. This could have a negative impact on this training method if he does relieve himself in the crate. House training a puppy is an essential step in dog training if you would like your puppy to establish good habits from the beginning.

Being consistent and giving you puppy a lot of praise is an important part in house training your puppy. It is okay if the puppy has an accident during this training, because the process is not an overnight thing. You should just increase the frequency of trips outside. If the puppy has an accident after training has ended, don't punish him.

You can get the puppy back in the groove by simply reverting back to the training process for a short time.

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