Rehousetraining Mature Pug Dogs

If you've ever come home and found that your mature, always-housetrained Pug has just left you a big mess to clean up, you're not alone. "Whoa!" you might say. The possible alternative, such as a defrosting refrigerator, leaky water pipes, or a spilled cup of coffee give way to the awful truth; he actually sees the loyal household Pug in the act of soiling inside the house.

Many people simply kick their older Pug outside when this happens to them. That's not the best advice though, and there can often be a negative impact on an older Pug when this happens. That's because it's usually a medical problem that's causing this behavior, and something that needs to be treated rather than overlooked.

The medical reasons will be covered first, since the majority of cases can be traced to that cause, rather than the psychological. It is important that the reasons for such behavior be pointed out and thoroughly checked before any retraining techniques are instituted. Most Pug owners know that the aging process of their Pug will manifest itself in a gradual loss of hearing, followed by diminished vision. Squeezed somewhere in between, signs of arthritis might show up, decreased in appetite, more frequent naps, and other tell-tale signs which may become evident. What is not widely known is that toilet training is one of the first things to go! Pug owners are often particularly surprised and confused, and as a result they blame their dog for back-sliding on potty training.

In reality, this is likely a sign that your Pug dog is simply getting older. That's because the muscles of the bladder gradually lose control as Pugs (and people!) age. The prostate gland gets bigger as most male Pugs get older, leading to an inflammation that will cause him to pee much more frequently.

It's also true that over seventy percent of Pug dogs 8 years or older will come down from kidney disease. And as a Pug gets more mature, kidney functions start to weaken, which can contribute to bladder control problems. The older Pug should drink at least twice the amount of water than a younger Pug since the older Pug's kidneys will require it.

Naturally, this will involve more frequent urination, thus more trips to the bathroom. Where the middle-aged Pug would have required being let out in the morning and once at night, the aging process will require more freedom outdoors. In most cases, the older Pug will try to make his needs known to his owner. However, the owner, who is used to a regular routine, just isn't tuned in to the Pug's new requirement.

Then, the old Pug is left with just one alternative. It's just as embarrassing to him as it may be to the owner. Avoid yelling at your Pug or scolding him, as this will lead to a worsening of the situation and further problems.

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