Proteins The Most Important and Least Understood Nutrient In Cat Dog Food

Cat and dog owners are advised by authorities, government agencies and veterinarians, that so long as animal food meets the standards of the American Association of Feed Control Officers (AAFCO), it is sufficient for the health of the animal. Is it? Do these agencies and authorities have a deep understanding of animal nutrition? Or, is their understanding superficial? Let's think together about proteins and see if we can make a judgment about their competence. Scientific Language Is Baby Talk Compared To Atomic Communication Proteins, like all biological matter, are composed of atoms, such as carbon, hydrogen, and others. Dependent upon by the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons, each atom is defined as a particular element. The dissection does not stop there.

Besides the electrons, protons, and neutrons, atoms are also made up of even smaller particles: mesons, leptons, muons, quarks, and others. This last subset of particles is often called a weird quantum menagerie. These are not particles in the sense we think of particles. In fact, desperate for a term to describe them, physicists have settled on calling them "probability waves," if that helps.

Not only is the substance of quantum particles otherworldly but their location and movement are in another dimension. To scientifically calculate a quantum address requires mathematical notations detailing motion (spin, rotation around a central axis, and a high speed pendulum-like oscillation), electromagnetic forces (charge and magnetic moment), and the bizarre properties of strangeness, charm, and color. As if that was not enough to upset our normal expectations, quantum particles can be in two places at once, can change from a particle to a wave dependent upon how they are observed, and much more weirdness. Mystery Is Built Into Creation Possible states are so numerous, it is theoretically feasible and logically compelling that no quantum particle, atom, protein, human being, or for that matter any abstracted part of the universe, is identical to any other part. Add to that insight that matter is the foundation of life, and the strangeness multiplies. Proteins, like all biological material, are bizarre substances moving through a really strange pulsating, living universe.

Millions of species of plants and animals, many with unique protein systems, are a complete mystery to us. Fish glowing in the dark, frogs with hallucinogenic body slime, the genetic phonemes of the bacterial language, all depend upon proteins. You need not go to exotic fauna for examples. Human cells, the scientists have guessed, make 50-150,000 different proteins.

Each of the 25 trillion cells in the human body contains tens of thousands of proteins, participating in thousands of chemical reactions in each second. This storm of activity is so mysterious it might as well be going on in a parallel universe. Communication Of Another Kind What else? How about completely incomprehensible communication channels. In a protein, often containing millions of amino acids wound into highly specific shapes resembling steel wool, the particle/waves of protein substance are micro-dot and dash vectors in an intricately layered, multidimensional Morse code of vitality. Proteins, especially those making up the genes, communicate to each other. We know they communicate, and usually quite accurately, because animal bodies have an internal and external reason, memory, and purpose.

Pretending To Know Is Not The Same As Knowing Follow along with me here. Veterinary scientists discovered that cats and dogs need certain proteins, composed of certain amino acids. Ever since they have been blinded by this knowledge. Plant and animal proteins in cat and dog foods are permitted simply because they contain the required amino acids. This includes shoe leather, ground up cats and dogs (euthanized animals are legitimate proteins for animal feed), and ground up cancerous cows and chickens. These recommendations assume a protein safety that is not borne out by our intuition.

Proteins are much more than a collection of amino acids! Finally, Common Sense Is more Helpful Than Corporate State Science Cats and dogs are neither vultures nor cannibals. They need a diet somewhat close to what their ancestors ate. Include some raw food and high quality nutrition in your pet's food and see the difference in their health and your veterinary bills.

The author of this article is Stephen Becker, a principal in Vitality Science, a company dedicated to natural alternatives to restore and maintain pet health.


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