Pomeranian Puppy House Training Tips

Adopting a Pomeranian puppy can be a great time of joy and fun, but if you want a housebroken adult dog and your work begins the minute you bring your puppy home. Many people don't know the right way to go about housebreaking their dog so below are some Pomeranian puppy house training tips that might come in handy for your new Pom. The first thing to remember when house training any dog, but in particular your Pomeranian puppy, is that positive reinforcement is best.

Never hit your dog or yell at him or rub his nose in his "accident". This will not get you the results you want and isn't fun for either you or the dog. Your Pomeranian puppy's training should start the day you bring them home. This is usually the most difficult part since you want to just relax and have fun with your cute little ball of fluff, but if you let them run all over the house being every corner it set a precedence, as well as an inviting odor, for him to continue this behavior.

So the best thing to do is to start off training right away. House training your puppy is largely a matter of, observance and persistence. When you see your dog acting like he has to "go", then you should immediately bring them outside to the area that you want him to do his business and. This means that you left keep a keen eye on him and learn to recognize the signs. Obviously, if you see him squatting this is a sure indication - don't yell but just sharply say no or distract him in some way so he doesn't actually begin to do his business and then pick them up and bring them right outside setting him down gently. When he does finally go outside, pet him and praise him so that he knows that this is the desired behavior.

You can't always be home with your Pomeranian puppy, so in these instances it's good to confine him to an area that has a sleeping section, food and water bowls and section for him to go to the bathroom. This can be a large crate or you can do like my husband did and build a little removable fenced in section that extended off the face of the crate. We would leave the crate open and my Poms bed was in the crate, then out in the fenced in section she had her puppy pee-pad and a section for her food and water. The fence was only about 2 feet high but she couldn't jump over at so to do good job of keeping her contained but still giving her some room to move about.

Now the only thing with this Is that you're puppy may become little bit confused because on one hand you're saying it's okay to go on the newspaper or keypad but what you really want is your dog to go outside. The problem is is when they are young puppies they can hold it very long and if you work you just simply cannot be there to let them out every time they need to go. one way to work with this is as the dog gets older move the pad closer and closer to the door bringing him outside as often as you can. Finally you will hopefully be able to remove the pad altogether and have a Pomeranian that runs over the door to indicate to you that he needs to go out. The key to Pomeranian puppy house training is patience and persistence.

You simply can't give up after a few days if your dog isn't behaving the way you want. You must keep at it, rewarding your dog when he does his business outside. Like many toy dogs, Pomeranians can be a bit difficult to house train and you'll have to be patient in order to get the results you want.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about the care and training of Pomeranian puppies.


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