Pet Lovers Sanity Guide II

Im writing this for pet lovers who care, and I know, like myself, there are many out there who are very close to their pets. Pets as Ive mentioned before, are always there for you, good friends , that never complain. If youve read some of my prior publications , I last wrote on my experience with pets, and how many had lived a shorter than normal life , and I offered tips for pet lovers everywhere, with hopes you can learn some critical , simple things for your pets survival, from my own unfortunate experiences. My last publication touched on my Golden Lab and how important nutrition is for pets everywhere. My next shock experience with pets was with my Doberman, named Scarlet.

No, dont jump to conclusions, not scarlet fever, but yet another good companion I remember well, that needed special care for a very unique illness. At this point in my life I had moved to northern California, in the coastal Redwood trees. Now, so what, big deal, but another unique pet lesson learned. Scarlet was great, big hearted, certainly not an attack Doberman as portrayed in many movies, but a very friendly, peaceful companion, actually I was a bit concerned owning a Doberman, but found from many people they are certainly loyal, and only trained to be mean. One day, I noticed her daily pattern had shifted a bit. Now, I was fortunate, she was free to roam the mountain land without a rope or chain, a free spirit at that.

I watched her closely for a few days, and things started to become more obvious, less food, loss of a few pounds, more sleeping during the day and night, which started to be of real concern. Well, of course at this point I was more sensitive after my Golden Lab passed away with Cancer, so I didnt wait long to get help, yep, right to the Vet. Well what happened next was a second jolt of unfortunate news. I learned, after reading all those books on care, preventive steps with animals, and so on, what did I miss. The Vet had taken x rays, blood tests, etc, just like a person at the doctors. It made me realize how similar your pet is to us humans.

I spoke with the Vet., he couldnt get into details until all tests were done the next day, and could pin point the cause. OK, very professional, but I didnt sleep that night, come back tomorrow, and we can confirm the findings, was difficult to accept.

Well, take note, another rare unique experience you might learn from. I did return the next day, and met the Vet, which right away I read the body language, not good. Well this was a new one on me, Scarlet had three yes 3 heart worms which had drilled three holes through her heart.

Now I had never heard of Heart Worms, what they were, what to do, etc. Living in South California, I never heard this before, similar to colder regions, where Fleas cant survive. Well, again, here I was, what is the bottom line I asked. I was ready for anything this time around.

I had a few options, which was good, and then difficult, such as put her to sleep was one. Enough said. There was the option to remove the Heart worms, but very dangerous for Scarlet, frankly it was a dose of poison, and she may not recover, or result in a heart attack. So, where does this Heartworm come from.

This was like making a serious family decision. I decided since she had such strong spirit, it wasnt her time, and the Vet reassured me, worst case no suffering. So I went for this option, lets attempt to fix the problem and save her life. Amazing, but within weeks, she slowly showed signs of recovery. I could read her signs just from her eyes, everything is going to be OK, dont worry. Gosh, another painful experience with pets, although the right decision was made, Scarlet went on to live past 14 years old, which is abnormal for Dobermans, typically 9 to 12 years.

I had made the right decision this time, but certainly is a tiring experience, the thought I may have possibly avoided the entire episode. Last, where do these aweful parasites come from. Well as strange as it may be if you dont know, mosquito bites. Possibly from the region, wild animals, etc. Its worth reading up on.

If I had only understood this, and living up north in the forest was different with a new set of rules for Pet Lovers. Living in a lush Redwood forest sounded great, but in fact was a different environment. There are preventive things that can be done to protect your pets from many unique cases like heartworms, as in this case.

So, from experience, just a few tips for Pet Lovers everywhere. One, dont assume anything, read up on a few how to guides for a preventive approach caring for your pets. Second, dont wait to the last minute if you see a pattern shift in your pets daily habits, diet, sleeping, activity in general, but head for your nearest Vet, and get professional advice or help. Third , I last touched on how important a pets diet is, and overall nutrition.

I cant emphasis this enough, just like people, watch the diet, daily activities, exercise, just as you would for yourself. Take these real life experience tips, and apply them to your pets overall health condition for a safe and healthy life. Enjoy your pets to the fullest.

You will feel good about their health, and taking the responsible approach for their future. I hope these experiences have helped pet lovers out there. At least get some ideas on how to take care of, and at least recognize a pet in distress.

Reed Langdon travels the world, now residing in Northern Thailand, and offers his true life experiences through article publications. You may learn more on Pet care and tips by visiting his pet site: http://WWW.PETDAYS.INFO


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