How to Stop My Dog From Jumping on People

There are some specific reasons why dog obedience training for puppies is important. One of those is to stop puppies from jumping on people. It may not grow out of the habit and pounce on you continuously. In order to express emotions, your puppy tends to jump or pounce on you.

It may look harmless at the start or even cute. However, what happens when it starts to jump on little kids who come around your house? Would you like your dog jumping on you after a tiring work day or slobbering saliva on your shirt? The most important thing that you might want to look at is the puppy's age. Four months is usually the ideal age to enroll your dog into a program. However, you need to consider the breed of the dog. The bigger the size, the earlier you have to start the training. You should outline a proper dog obedience program for your puppy to prevent it from jumping.

You might be giving mixed signals before this by rewarding it for jumping on you. There are times when you just pat it, hug it or give it a biscuit when it jumps up and down in front you. Well this should stop.

The syllabus should be standardized so your puppy will not be confused. Never allow yourself to reward it with anything when it jumps up and down from the start. The simplest obedience step to prevent jumping for puppies is to teach them to sit-stay. It is not easy to restrain your puppy from feeling excited to see someone they like but there is a way to do so.

You might not even notice how simple this part of the training is. This will teach your puppy to sit-stay when someone walks through the house door. You can just walk from the front door to the back door to demonstrate this dog obedience part of syllabus. Before that, you have to instruct your puppy to sit stay. Get the help you need from your children or spouses for more effective dog obedience training. Have them walk from the same route but asking your puppy to sit-stay before you open the door.

If may be hard at first for your puppy to conceal its excitement but if it is repeated several times, the dog should get a clear picture of the step. Training should be carried out as frequent as possible for the puppy to grasp the concept. Training it once a day will make it less efficient than it should be. This sometimes might tire you out. Regardless of how tired and frustrated you are to get the puppy to understand what you are trying to convey, never lose your temper.

Resorting to yelling or even physical abuse, might only ruin your carefully planned dog obedience sessions. Try to incorporate reward biscuits in the dog obedience program. By giving it dog biscuits when it manages to sit-stay, your puppy will learn what it should do the next time the doorbell chimes.

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