German Shepherd The Most Sought After Dogs

German Shepherd dogs are beautiful animals and are some of the most sought after dogs around today. However in most cases they are not being sought after for household pets. You will most likely find a German shepherd dog as a watchdog or police dog. German Shepherd dogs are also called German police dogs. They are very intelligent animals and hard working. They are wolf-like in appearance.

ON average these dogs weight anywhere between seventy-five pounds and one hundred pounds. Adult German Shepherds stand at roughly about twenty-five inches tall at the shoulder. The dog itself has a slender nozzle or nose, erect, slightly pointed ears.

The tail is long and slender and it curves downward. The German shepherd has a double coat that consists of a medium-long harsh overcoat and a dense, wooly inner coat. The color of the coat may vary from black, brown, gray, or mixtures of these colors. In Europe the German Shepherd dog is also known as the Alsatian wolf dog. In Europe these dogs were trained solely for the purpose of being watchdog and guard dogs.

They were often trained to work with police departments and in World War II they were used by armed services that were patrolling and carrying messages back and forth. Due the fact that they are highly intelligent animals the female German Shepherds are trained as Seeing Eye dogs that are used to aid visually impairment people to get around. People make the assumption that because these dogs are intelligent and hardworking that they would make well house pets. However, it has been found that this is not always the case. There have been incidents when these dogs attacked other people and children.

They work with the police department but they have to be trained to do so. All animals have wild instincts and these dogs are no different. If you are looking to get a dog as a pet it might not be a good idea to look at these dogs.

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