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Global warming is a grave issue that poses a big environmental threat to both flora and fauna. In this regard the European Union has come up with certain disciplinary measures which will help in the reduction of CO2 and other related harmful radiations which are a constant threat to nature. The Kyoto Protocol laid certain principles for developed nations to reduce the use of harmful gases in the atmosphere. To facilitate this, the UK made a law in the Part 5 of the British Housing law. Under this law, all the residential houses in UK will come under the European Union Directive 2002/91/EC which is meant to check the emission of harmful gases and radiations.

All the residents in UK will be awarded with an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) which will provide them with certain ratings on a scale of A-G based on the consumption pattern of electricity. Thus, all the residential houses will be sensitized with energy conservation techniques where they will be given tips on how to reduce C02 and other harmful radiations in the atmosphere by making optimum use of electric appliances and other electronic gadgets. The government also provides HIP (Home Information Packs) which allows a household to monitor their energy consumption patterns.

In order to facilitate the directives of the European Union, (Wilbourn Associates) is a firm of leading environmental friendly property consultants and Energy performance certificate consultants. They are the leading charted environmental surveyors in United Kingdom who deal in residential property deals. The company also provides expert solutions are contaminated land and related property deals.

Launched in 1993, the company is regarded as a landmark name in British residential and commercial property deals. The services at The unique function which serves is the purpose of Energy performance certificate consultants.

Some of the premium services which this company provides are: ? Environmental Screenings which are necessary to sensitize the general public about the benefit of energy conservation are carried by the company. ? The company also makes the general people aware about the harmful effects of asbestos and diseases related with it while making residential buildings with asbestos in the proper levels which complies with the norm of the government. ? It also carries the land quality surveys and statements which enables in understanding the energy conservation.

? It also carries environment management policies which make this company the best choice in the list of energy performance certificate consultants. also helps in assessing the land of its clients and helps in land and home solutions, advices and planning which leads to healthy living solutions which can be free from CFC, CO2 and other environmental contamination. is a premier name in the arena of energy performance certificate consultants who help you in making your establishment energy efficient. For more information regarding the company and its services, log on to www.

Jason Gardner is a well known author who writes articles for Wilbourn Associates, the UK's leading resource for Chartered Environmental Land Consultants, Energy performance certificate consultants and provider of Energy Performance Cerificates. For more information please visit


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