Environment Friendly Snowboards For Ski Season

Ski resorts world-wide have been actively participating in recycling and composting projects since as early as 2001.

Most resorts are now using 100 percent recyclable materials throughout day-to-day operations. Resort restaurants are using environment friendly utensils and carry-out containers and composting food scraps with wood shavings to use in landscaping throughout the resort.

Some resorts are passing their recycling and composting knowledge to their guests.

Several also take a one dollar donation from guests to donate to organizations dedicated to helping the environment.

Bob Candler, snowboard rider and inventor, has gone further in his attempts to help the environment. Candler has spent the last 15 years designing the worlds first fully recyclable snowboard: the Makboard.

Taking care of our planet is something that should be important to all riders, Candler said. I created a board that, instead of ending up in a landfill, could be melted down and reshaped into another snowboard when its life is over.

Ultimately, what were trying to do is keep these things from ending up as pollution, Candler said.

As snowboarders, weve got to be on the front lines doing all we can to protect what we all love: the mountains, the environment and everything that makes snowboarding so much fun.

With the combined efforts of ski resorts and skiers like Mr. Candler, our resorts and mountains will be much nicer places to spend free time.

Many ski shops also recycle ski and snowboard equipment by taking in trades and selling used equipment for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Recycling older ski or snowboard equipment offers someone else the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard at discounted prices.

The number of snowboarders in North America is starting to catch the number of skiers. Many of the worlds leading ski resorts welcome higher numbers of snowboarders year after year. Resorts that offer ski lessons are starting to include snowboard lessons for beginners and intermediate snowboarders as well. Snowboard rentals are readily available in the ski rental area of most resorts.

Associations like the United States of America Snowboard Association and the United States Ski and Snowboard Association promote snowboarding competitions throughout the ski season.

Competitions include events like Rail Jam, Boardercross, Slalom and Giant Slalom. Competitors are divided into age categories and range in age from under 7 years to 22 years.

In the years to come, skiers, snowboarders and other winter sports enthusiasts will benefit from the recycling efforts put forth by resorts and fellow skiers alike.

Skiing families will learn more about recycling and protecting the environment. They will take that knowledge with them throughout other aspects of life.

Their children will teach other children how to recycle and reuse items they may normally throw away.

Small efforts by a lot of people can help make a difference in our national forests and mountains. Helping in the recycling efforts will ultimately lead to cleaner, safer environments for families to enjoy.


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