Electronic Dog Training Collars Helps You Teach Your Dog

An electronic dog training collar is ideal for all dog owners wishing to train their dog including: ? professional dog trainers ? behaviorists ? veterinary practitioners ? farmers Surveys have shown that the electronic dog training collar has resulted in the lives of many dogs being saved, as well as there has been an enormous reduction in stress and frustration for owners and dog trainers of dogs with behavior problems. The electronic dog training collar has also prevent may problematic dogs that others found un-trainable from being put to sleep. Many dogs that have been said to be un-trainable have been trained with the electronic dog training collar. One of the main factors to take into consideration when training your dog is this. Your dog has limited ability for logical reasoning, making immediate consequences necessary for your dog to associate his punishment with his bad behavior. Late punishment will often make the dog reluctant to obey, and return to the trainer, just to be punished.

The electronic dog training collar aids in eliminating this problem, and is proven effective do to the immediate consequence to the dog. When the electronic dog training collar is used properly, it will eventually raise the dog trainer to the level of "pack leader", and will enable the trainer to become physical with the dog less and less. The message the electronic dog training collar sends hits home for the dog very quickly and since it is possible to use low levels of stimulation, it will not damage the dog's spirit. Most electronic dog training collars do not shock, yet a long uncomfortable tingle. The electronic dog training collar is a great aiding tool to dog training, but should never be used as a short cut to conventional dog training.

The electronic dog training collar is a training aid, and should never be used as a punishment tool. Furthermore, the electronic dog training collar is not, itself, a dog trainer. You are. It is your responsibility to ensure the electronic dog collar is used as a training aid. Although the electronic dog training collar has proven beneficial to most dog owners and trainer who have used them, there are certain circumstances when an electronic dog training collar may not be the best method of training.

You should never use an electronic dog training collar if: ? Your dog has a heart condition ? Your dog has a nervous disposition ? Your dog is less than 10 months old Dog training with an electronic dog training collar should cease immediately if there are any signs of trauma to your dog.

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