Doogydoo And You

Doggydoo is inevitable if you have a dog or dogs. It can be quite a problem and it is one that can cause ill feelings between other dog owners, walkers and neighbors. What can be done about the problem of doggydoo? It may depend on the situation. Let's think about several different scenarios: Walks: If you take your dog for a walk you should always be prepared for poop. You can almost be certain that if you are not prepared you will find yourself with doogydoo and a disgruntled fellow walker who sees your dog relieve himself and you looking around for a way to clean up the mess.

Always walk your dog with a plastic sack or other poop removal device. Many dog parks, trails and even neighborhoods have dispensers that come in handy for the poop removal but if you are not sure of this, you should come prepared with your own doogydoo sacks. There are even little dispensers that can be fastened to a belt or pockets. These dispensers hold quite a few sacks for dogs on the "go".

Even if you walk your dogs in rather isolated areas it is a good idea to plan on picking up any poop left by your dogs. It is the polite thing to do and other dog owners and non-dog owners alike will appreciate your efforts. Maybe you hire a dog walker for those times when you know you will be gone for hours at a time. Most dog walkers come prepared for doggydoo and are very good about disposing of it properly but this is one thing you should ask about when you are hiring the dog walker. At Home: If your dog spends a lot of time each day outside you will have a doogydoo situation right in your own back (or front) yard. If you want to clean up the area yourself you will find that there are several rather clever pooper-scoopers on the market.

These come in handy when you would rather not have to pick up each pile of poop while bending over in an uncomfortable position. Check out the pooper-scoopers and find the one that is the best for you. It is better to get one that is made well and won't fall apart the first or second time you use it. You can also hire someone to pick up the poop. There are pooper-scooper services in most cities.

You will want to check around and find a service that is competitively priced and has the best service. You will need to decide how often you will need the service to make a visit. Doogydoo pick-up need not be any awful task, especially if you are prepared. There are tools on the market made just for this kind of situation or there are professionals who can be hired.

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