Dogs Suffering an Early Death Because Their Owners are Getting it Wrong

Millions Of Pets Are Euthanized Every Year, Simply Because People Never Learn How To Choose And Care For A New Animal In Their Home (New York) Dec. 31 -- Owning a pet is as American as apple pie. Whether people choose to bring a dog or cat into their home for companionship or protection, pet ownership is a high priority for a majority of people. So, why is it that, according to the American Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals between 5 and 9 million pets are euthanized in animal shelters every year? "The problem is that people really never learn how to care for their animals," said noted pet expert Kath Turner.

"They choose pets that are inappropriate for their lifestyle, don't learn how to train them properly and finally give up when they don't end up with the perfect dog sitting in their living room." Turner works with .the group Pets As Therapy - which brings animals into nursing homes to help provide love and companionship for elderly patients.

She has also worked as a dog breeder for most of her adult life. "People have this vision that all they need to do is find a cute puppy and bring it home and everything will be fine and dandy," Turner commented. "Most people don't realize that having a dog in your home is a real commitment for years to come.

Your dog will be almost completely dependent on you - and if you don't know how to be a responsible dog owner you will be doing yourself and your pet a great disservice." Turner pointed out that many people don't really understand the how different types of dogs have different personalities and have never really learned how to figure out what type of dog would best meet their lifestyle. "It's also sad that people don't realize they they will have to protect their home before bringing a new puppy through the front door," Turner said.

"I've heard of people who've taken their dog to the animal shelter because he ruined their expensive furniture. It's not fair - because dogs only behave that way if their owners are not prepared to deal with them. Learning how to properly feed and train a new pooch are two of the most elemental - yet least understood skills relating to pet ownership, Turner said, noting that people who just grab random dog food at the supermarket may actually be hurting their beloved canines.

"I will never get over the neglect and misunderstanding I've seen when it comes to dog ownership," Turner said. "In a society as prosperous as ours there is no reason that up to 9 million former pets are put to sleep every year simply because people didn't bother to learn the basics about taking care of their new friends." Turner says many people don't even understand the basics of dog ownership including how to find the right vet, the many differences among dog breeds or even how to train and care for dogs and puppies. "It' doesn't take a lot of work to treat a dog right," Turner said "as long as you are willing to make an effort to understand their needs.".

Dogs deserve to live a long and healthy life but 1,000's suffer an early death simply because their owners are getting it wrong.Find out more at No automatic download at present. Email for a copy.


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