Do you Wear Bonsai Goggles

As I examine myself each morning in front of the mirror I continuously remind myself that in the bonsai world having short stubby limbs is considered to be desirable. In fact, in the bonsai world I will only become more desirable as I age. The more wrinkles, gnarly growths and peculiarities I develop the more popular I will become. In fact the world may well be a better place if we all wore a set of bonsai goggles. In much the same way that drinking a bottle of wine for some increases our perception of how attractive people are, bonsai goggles do the same. However the benefits manifest over a vastly wider spectrum of life than just your "love" life, at a fraction of the cost, and with greater health benefits.

When looking at yourself through your bonsai goggles your life will be transformed. No matter how old you are you're still trendy. You become increasingly attractive to younger types who have embraced many elements of eastern culture. You actually become good for the environment; providing a breath of fresh air for those around you. You become an exemplary water saver as you require only 1 cup of water per day to survive, and you provide people who live in small spaces with room to move whilst being stylish and easy on the eye.

Your husband or wife no longer drive you nuts, and you become that special companion that gets cared for daily . Just watch where you're putting those branch pruners, however! You are even given away as a gift and become that special companion to your partner's friends no strings attached. The most amazing thing about the world when viewed through bonsai goggles is that everyone finds a way to grow, to move forward, no matter what the circumstances might be. Nature has a habit of always finding a way. Bonsai trees will always grow no matter how inhibited it is by its surroundings.

Sometimes we forget that we already have all these elements within us. Luckily we now have bonsai goggles to remind us that we can grow and prosper no matter what our situation or surroundings may be. With the use of bonsai goggles you will be able to view life positively and help you discover that the abundance and growth that nature displays are qualities that reside within us all.

Article is copyright 2006 Ben Godfrey. Bonsai Goggles are available at Bonsai Goggles


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