Crude Oil vs Alternative Energy Which is Really Better

If there was a world title fight who would you put your money on? 'Crude Oil' or 'Alternative energy'? The heavy weight champion of the world today is without a doubt: 'Crude Oil'. In a coming championship battle The Champion could have the upper hand in the first few rounds with explosive power and short term outburst of energy. It would even force a knock out by mean and vicious behaviour in the ring. It would also be nasty and filthy to fight. If the champ strikes very well in the first few rounds it could still be the heavy weight champion of the world. But if 'Alternative energy' could survive the first rounds then it would have a better chance on winning, because it has got endurance, a clear vision and fights a clean fight.

There could be an upset and the new heavy weight champion of the world could be 'Alternate Energy'. Of course there is no real fight, but the battle is really on. Today the fossil fuels like crude oil are our main source of energy.

The problem with fossil fuels are that they very harmful for our environment. With the combustion of these fuels we pollute the earth and are gradually heating up the planet. This will have a major impact on the climates we currently have. We will see and are seeing dramatic changes in weather which can ruin cities within minutes or hours. All because of these negative side effects. Also we are running out of fossil fuels and they are more difficult to extract from the depths of the earth.

The problem with these old energy sources is that it takes a very long time to form. It took the earth millions of years to form the current supply of old fuels and because we are extracting these from the earth to meet the growing demands we are running out. Because the demand for energy is growing and the total supply is shrinking prices are increasing. This increase in demand for energy is not only caused by the western countries.

New economies are rising and are in need of energy, a lot of energy. The problem is that these demands can not be met and it will not be resolved in the near future. Thus it can be said that the rising trend in crude oil prices will not be stopped. When we look at alternative energy we can see great potential. These energy sources are available every day. The amount varies but the fact remains that sunshine, wind and running water will always be available.

Therefore this source is cheap and available for nearly all. Another great advantage is that converting these sources into useable electricity does not result in pollution. This is a clean form of energy that has no negative effect on the environment. Taking these advantages into the bigger picture it can be sad that we cannot go wrong with alternate energy. It is the right path. When we look at the heavy weight championship fight 'Crude Oil' vs.

'Alternative energy', Oil may be the heavy-hitter, but hasn't got the stamina to go to full length of the fight. Alternative energy may be getting a few hits in the first few rounds, but those hits only get faster and stronger all the time. The fight will last longer then a few rounds and at the end a knocked out will follow and the next heavy weight champion will be crowned.

Be sure to put your money on the next champion.

Bryan Wong is the owner of the solar information website Energy> - A great website that shares quality Info, News and TIPS on Alternative energy.


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