Common Illnesses In Cats Get To Know What Ails Your Pet

Although all forms of felines are generally known to live long and healthy lives, the domesticated cats suffer from minor health disorders from time to time that can be easily overcome with preventive and timely treatment. Keep an eye open for any changes in your cat's usual behavioral patterns which may be an indication of some common cat ailment it is afflicted with. When it comes to hair balls, most cats are responsible for them. It does not matter if your cat has short hair or long. They will still form hair balls.

To prevent this, you can brush and comb their hair. Frequently, it is not only the formation of hairballs that it prevents but other ailments. Brushing helps in removing dead hair strands that may end up swallowed by your cat. To avoid the occurrence of hair balls, add a teaspoon of fish oil or cod liver oil to their food at least after a week.

This allows the ingested hair to pass freely and easily through the gastrointestinal tract. Bran and canned pumpkin can also help. If you have a feral cat, he may be able to have a solution to hair balls and other ailments by chewing on grass and other plants.

Another problem that causes a lot of hassle for your cat is the presence of fleas. They are carriers of several diseases and most importantly, they are very itchy. Because of this problem some develop an allergic reaction to fleas and some are even traumatized causing mental and emotional distress. Regular grooming can detect this problem and keep it contained.

You can also use flea collars to treat this condition. You can try some fur rubs that are environmentally friendly which work to prevent flea infestation as well make your cat smell good. Flea inoculations can also be done especially if the intolerance of fleas is quite high. When your cat scratches the inside of their ears, other illnesses can be present such as ear mites.

They can also have wax buildup which can irritate and annoy your cat. A good thing about this is that it is easily remedied. Whenever you visit the veterinarian, they will probably notice this condition with your cat and solve it easily. They can also provide you with the necessary medications to give to your cat. Ear mites should be treated as early as possible to prevent the loss of hearing of your cat a well as affect their health.

Cats are also affected with mental and emotional distress, usually created by trauma from a change such as moving or relocating. It may be hard for your adult cat to adapt to the new surroundings. There are even cases of cats traveling back to their original homes by foot regardless of its distance. One thing you have to understand about cats is that they take their territory seriously and will fully protect their property.

Humans do not recognize the fences that they build to protect their territory. It is only cats who can tell from their markings of urine and fecal matter. Similar to us, the cat can develop ailments which begin simple and slowly progress to more acute stages. Besides receiving his yearly checkup you should continually be aware of any sort of changes in your cat's eats habits. Common feline ailments should be dealt with immediately and never overlooked. Other than having to follow these simple precautions you can happily look forward to many joyful years with your feline companion.

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