Collie Dog Breed Temperament And Health Illness Information

Many who are unsure of the actual name of the Collie, will still be able to point it out as "lassie", the well-loved television series that made the breed popular among many. It is renowned for it's alertness and sociability. Appearance - The Collie was originally bred to help with sheep herding and still exhibit a strong, protective instinct. The Collie is a wonderful dog for the household as they have innate desire to safeguard.

Some dogs of this breed can be anxious due to its ancestry, however, most are usually hardworking and smart. The Collie is a member of the AKC Herding Group. Weighing 55 to 80 pounds, these dogs can stand 22 to 26 inches tall. The Collie is an energetic breed and is known for its perseverance. The Collie has beautifully shaped almond eyes and they reflect their perceptiveness. The eyes can be brown or blue.

The coat of the Collie is either smooth or rough, where the rough coat is longer and fuller. They come in sable and white, tricolor and blue merle markings. Characteristics - The Collie is not suitable for apartment living as they are more comfortable in the great outdoors. A family home with an active family and a large yard is great for a Collie. The breed is sociable and extroverted but still make excellent watchdogs and protectors. They will bark at intruders whether it is animals or humans.

The do bite gently or nip at heels of the young kids to prevent the children from straying in the wrong direction. Like most intelligent animals, Collie puppies can be very headstrong and get into general mischief. Puppy obedience classes work well for them and they learn to socialize at an early age.

You will need to demonstrate who is in charge and show the Collie what can be allowed and what is prohibited. Health Problems and Grooming Issues - There are a few issues associated with the Collie. They can suffer from eye problems or PRA.

More likely is the possibility of taking your puppy or dog to the vet for jumping from a moving vehicle or exploring his surroundings than for a health problem. They like to eat, so ensure that the dog does not put on too much weight or there could be medical issues because of obesity. They enjoy three small meals a day.

Although it has long hair, it does not need as much grooming as one might think. In any case, the Collie's coat must be groomed very often to reduce tangles. This intelligent dog can protect your family and give you years of happiness and attention, making it the perfect pet for you.

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