Choosing The Right Parrot Food

What is the best parrot food and why? There is no single answer to this question as many different types of parrot food are good for different reasons. However it is important to find out which foods are good and why because you never know what really goes into certain products. So what are the benefits and disadvantages of particular food groups? Seeds are a great source of nutrition for parrots. They are designed especially for parrots so the ingredients are not harmful in any way. Regular seed mixes of parrot food usually contain just plain old sunflower seeds which are high in fat and it is recommended that you try to stay away from these.

More expensive mixes however, contain a large variety of seeds that are highly nutritious and very beneficial to your parrots diet. It is recommended that when buying seeds, always check to see the exact content of sunflower seeds. Another type of parrot food commonly used and perhaps more nutritious than seeds are pellets.

Pellets contain many more vitamins and minerals that will help your parrot stay healthy, live longer and have more overall energy. There is very little fat in most pellets found on the parrot food market but always check with someone if you are unsure of the ingredients. This type of parrot food is best mixed with fresh vegetables, which brings us to our next point. Fresh vegetables are definitely the best type of parrot food there is.

Combining vegetables with vitamin rich pellets can make a huge difference to the health of your parrot. It will give him/her a great deal more energy and vibrancy than any other type of parrot food. So go out there and buy some fresh vegetables, chop them up finely so your parrot can eat them and mix in some specially designed pellets. Changing a parrots diet can do wonders for its personality! The last point to make note of is this, parrots are like children, they will eat anything they can get their beaks on.

Some people believe that parrots are smart enough to know what is best for them to eat. Do not believe this as this is the first step to having a very unhealthy bird that will only live for half as long as it is suppose to. In the end it comes down to this, parrots must eat parrot food not human food!.

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