Backyard birds

Backyard birds There is nothing like the beauty of wild birds in your backyard, the lovely sounds that they make, and the activity they add to your garden. Unfortunately much of these birds' natural habitat has been lost to urban development. Creating a habitat for wild birds in your backyard can go a long way to replace the loss of their natural environment. You may have noticed a few birds here and there around your yard.

But you may be surprised to know that there may be as many as 100 different wild birds species living around you. With a little planning you will be able to attract many of them. If you want to attract wild birds to your backyard you need to provide them with three things, food, water and shelter. After all if they get what they want they are surely going to return to your backyard over and over. Bird feeders are the easiest way to provide food. A bird bath will supply the water they need.

A few shrubs or trees will provide shelter but can also add birdhouses if you want to attract a mating pair. Recent surveys suggest that there are a number of wild bird species that are in danger. But you can help! When feeding song birds in the winter, you increase their chances of survival. The more wild birds that live through the winter, the more wild birds there are to breed in the spring. If you feed backyard birds in the spring, when they are nesting, the parents can spend more time guarding their nest instead of foraging for food.

The better the baby birds are fed, the higher their survival rate. And the more young birds that survive the higher the total bird population. So you see a little bird food can have a big impact. Fresh water is often the scarcest natural resource of all. Many birds that are not attracted to your bird feeders will flock to a bird bath. If you add motion to the water with a fountain pump or dripper, birds will find your bird bath nearly irresistible.

Creating a wild bird habitat will strengthen local bird populations and having more birds around means fewer insects. If birds eliminate insects you won't have to use as many pesticides to control them making your yard safer for you and your family. If you supply their basic needs the birds around you will provide you with year around enjoyment. You should place your bird feeders where they can easily be seen.

I have mine outside my kitchen windows where I can watch them while preparing meals and washing dishes. I have bird houses in places where I can view them while working outdoors. With a little effort you can create a wild bird sanctuary right in your own backyard.

John Huff is author of this article on backyard birds. Find more information about bird feeders and houses here.


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