Are people well informed about the dogs in India

Dog breeders in India should make a bigger effort in letting people know about the different breeds and the different types of dogs in India. As well as that, they should inform people about what it is like to work with dogs and how people should train their dogs. Owners should never hit their own dogs; may it be because they want to make their dogs more aggressive or just to teach them "a lesson", they should never do that. More people who hit dogs do it because they want to have attack dogs; but that does not happen like that.

One should have in mind there are 2 types of dogs in India, just like everywhere else: dogs that are bred for working and dogs that are bred for pets. Rottweilers and pit bulls are very good examples of what is known as guard dogs ? but only if they are trained properly from a young age; if not they can be aggressive and just attack anything that moves. Chihuahuas and Cocker Spaniels, on the other hand, are mostly bred for pets.

But the only people who can change that are the dog breeders in India ? it is entirely up to them how the dogs are raised. When it comes to safety, dog breeders in India may fear dogs that have a reputation of attacking people. However, it is extremely uncommon for a dog to attack its owner. One of the things that make dogs such good companions to man is that they love their people no matter what. Praise gets better results than hitting them, but there are times when you need the more immediate result and do need to drive a scolding home with a little slap -- such as when you find your 90 lb dog with the next door neighbor's Chihuahua in his mouth, or when he grabs the steak off your dinner plate.

Still, one should know there is a difference between watch dogs, guard dogs, and attack dogs ? although dogs in India are often called "attack dogs". Pit bulls and Rottweilers do not make good guard dogs; it is simply not in their blood. Pit bulls do make good attack dogs and require very little training for that purpose. Rottweilers need a little more work for that task, but they were originally Roman war dogs, so they take to the job as well.

They did guard the money for Rottweil butchers as they traveled; the butchers put the money around the dogs' necks and no one tried to take it. A German shepherd is a perfect example of a guard dog. They have been bred to the task for so long that a good example will take up the job with little or no training. They guard their owner's property and flock, including house and family. Known to herd playing children away from snakes they are one of the best choices when it comes to dogs in India. They do not attack human intruders -- they corner and hold an inside intruder, or run an outside intruder off.

If the dog sees the intruder as a threat to his people, that is when he will go for blood -- nobody messes with a shepherd's flock.

A lot of people decide to get dogs in India in order to have them trained for guarding or even attacking, and this often leads to unwanted accidents. But dog breeders in India should take their time and inform people about all the aspects of owning and training dogs.


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