Animals For Adoption

When I was talking to my daughter, who was seven years old at the time, about adopting a panda, I neglected to explain the concept properly. She asked me if our house was big enough for a panda and what would we feed it on! Much as I would really like a pet panda, I don't think I'd cope very well. I remember that episode of The Simpsons when Bart won an elephant. Animals for Adoption, as far as wild animals are concerned, is not so hands on. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), have an adoption scheme that works very well. The idea is to choose an animal from their Animals for Adoption program and commit to paying an amount of money each month.

The money goes towards the conservation of that animal in it's natural surroundings. The WWF doesn't operate zoos but is committed to preserving endangered species in their natural habitat. The choice of animals that the WWF offers is the Giant Panda, Orangutan, Bottlenose Dolphin, Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant and Black Rhino.

The Animals for Adoption scheme enables you to feel part of the excellent work that the WWF does. On joining the scheme and choosing your individual animal, you receive a certificate, a photograph of the animal and a soft toy. You also get a fact sheet about the species and information on how to be environmentally aware. Each species is on the endangered list for one reason or another and would be in an even worse state if not for the public support of the WWF and similar organizations. Animals for adoption plays an important part in conservation and raising awareness.

The Giant Panda is greatly affected by forest clearing for timber and agriculture. There is also the problem of overgrazing. Habitat destruction is also a problem for the Orangutan, as land is cleared for agriculture and commercial logging. The Borneo and Sumatra islands are now the only places left on Earth where wild Orangutans can be found. Bottlenose Dolphins have their own problems at the hand of humans. The oceans are increasingly polluted and dolphins are frequently caught up in fishing tackle.

As the shipping lanes become busier, they are in danger of colliding with ships. The Animals for Adoption scheme is vital for the depleted numbers of Bengal Tiger in Nepal, who are in constant danger from poachers. It's hoped that the patrols that have been put in place can help the situation. The demand for the horn of the Black Rhino has made this species very rare.

The powder derived from the horn has long been a favored ingredient for traditional Chinese medicine. Again, habitat clearance for agriculture and logging is putting the Asian Elephant under threat. Animals for Adoption is one way to show you care about all these endangered animals.

Animal Baby Wild is an informative website that looks into all aspects of Animals from donating to animals in need, to looking at your favorate animal. To find out more visit Animals


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