All About The Anatolian Shepherd Dog

There are many varieties of dog breeds that you can find around the world. You will find that some breeds are more common to specific areas, but the lucky thing is if you like that breed you can usually find a breeder to purchase the dog from. With the Anatolian Shepherd dog you will find they are one of the more rare dogs in the Middle East. The temperament of this dog offers you one of the more intelligent and loyal of the species. Below you will learn not only about its physical characteristics, but also about its temperament and some training advice.

First of all you should realize that this dog is a working dog. This means that they need a lot of space to be happy and they don't necessarily live well in cooler climates. They are a hard breed to find, but are gaining in popularity around the world because of their characteristics. You will find they are loyal and devoted to one owner.

This means that while they do well in families with children they tend to have a master. They are also very agile as hunters because they are used for hunting and guarding of families. The Anatolian Shepherd dog is one very sleek and muscular animal.

They have a short coat with fawn colouring and a black muzzle and eyes. Like most dogs the over coat is rather thick and coarse. They do have a softer under coat that will keep them warm during the nights. For these dogs you need to have a lot of space for them to run around in. You may find that they do well on farms as sheep guarders or other large animals. Care and grooming are important for any dog that you own.

In some cases you will find certain dog breeds are easier to take care of than others. In the case of the Anatolian Shepherd dog you will find they are rather easy to groom. Their short haired coat doesn't need grooming except for once a week or if you have been in a high insect area. You will also find that their toenails, eyes, and ears are easy to keep clean and that they are fairly healthy dogs.

Training is important in this breed based on the dominant displays. They are masters in their race, which means it takes a specific master and some obedience training to get this dog to behave properly. When you use patience and a consistent hand you will find that training is rewarded with their high intelligence. They can be trained for other work besides guarding.

All though they are not currently used for police work or rescue work they do make great show dogs when they have the proper care. These dogs also need to be socialized at an early age during training. This means that they are introduced not only to other pets and animals, but also children and other humans to make the transition a little easier. Dogs that are great with guarding or watch dogs tend to need a little training in regards to socialization.

The socialization helps them to interact with more people rather than going off to hide or worse guard the home from friends. The Anatolian Shepherd dog is still found in the Middle East primarily, but they can be found in the UK or US if you go to a breeder directly.

Gerry Ronson is a writer for the websites dog beds and dog accessories.


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