About The Karelian Bear Dog

The Karelian bear dog is a medium sized dog that offers you plenty of affection. You will find that this breed of dog grows to twenty three inches and fifty pounds as an adult. They can be a little smaller in some cases; most often the females are usually a little bit smaller. The appearance of the Karelian bear dog is one of curly soft fur with a wonderfully appeasing face.

They have small pointed ears and a shorter muzzle. You will find they tend to shed on an average basis due to the medium length of the hair they have. The tail resembles huskies in that it curls over the back of their body. The hair is usually very full on the tail. Typically you will find the Karelian bear dog to be white or black. Most often they are not a mixed color.

For training of the Karelian bear dog you will need to have a firm hand. This means that the master can not be timid or too gentle. You need a gentle, but firm appearance when training. This means that the dog should not be able to use their stubbornness to avoid the training you are trying to impart. You should also realize that early obedience training and socialization is needed.

Once they have been through training they will be able to learn new tricks and commands with ease. Keep in mind that they also need to have a lot of activity. They can get bored rather quickly if you don't change the training a little throughout the sessions. There are many reasons to adopt a dog and in the past most individuals have wanted to have some type of working dog that could help them. You will find that the Karelian bear dog is one of the most popular dogs of European history for its ability to hunt bear. They are hard to find in today's breeding markets because they have become relatively unpopular.

However you will still be able to find at least one breeder that is willing to give you a Karelian bear dog. Though we touched on appearance we have yet to speak about the actual grooming and care these dogs need. Karelian bear dogs need to have their coat brushed at least once a day to prevent matting and tangles.

You will also find they need the toenails clipped every two months are so. One of the greatest things about Karelian bear dogs is there ability to stay healthy. They are a very hardy breed and muscular so they don't typically suffer from anything, except hip dysplasia as they get older. You should have a small home with a backyard for their size and exercise. They need to be walked at least once a day.

They also like to be able to roam around a little bit to get rid of some of their energy, which is why a backyard can be important. There temperament or characteristics they are most known for is independence and intelligence. While they can be very affectionate creatures you will find they tend to have one master. They are very loyal to the whole family, but most usually they are going to attach themselves to one member in particular.

They tend to display happiness as well as affection. You will also find that they need a lot of affection in return. They are most noted for their bravery of those they love, so you may find this particular breed as a rescue dog.

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